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Bathroom Ceiling Light Fixtures Ideas

If you are renovating your bathroom or you are planning to renovate it shortly, you probably already know that you will need to choose proper lighting in your new (or existing) bathroom. In this article I would like to focus on bathroom ceiling light fixtures and reveal how you can select the most suitable one for your bathroom. Let’s take a look at some factors that should influence on your decision.

One “naked” fixture isn’t enough for modern bathroom lighting

1.) Strength of the light

It’s extremely important that your fixture will produce enough light so that every corner of the bathroom will be properly lighted. The brightness of the light depends mostly on the bulb, but you need to select the fixture that is suitable for the desired bulb.

2.) Number of (ceiling) lights

How strong your bulbs should be also depends on the number of lights in your bathroom and the size of the bathroom – if you plan to have more lights in small bathroom, all of them don’t need to be that strong. On contrary, one light in big bathroom will have to be really strong to meet all the lighting needs.

3.) Where should you install them?

Bathroom ceiling light fixtures are usually installed in the middle of the bathroom. Of course, people have other lights near the sink and shower, but they usually aren’t installed on the ceiling. If you have small bathroom, I recommend installing ceiling fixture in the middle of the bathroom, because of good appearance and quality light dispersion. With bigger bathrooms, you will need to consider some other options as well – maybe one on each side, maybe four similar ones, … Options are endless.

4.) Light fixture appearance

Despite the fact that bathroom ceiling light fixtures should be useful, they also need to look good. In 21st century, you definitely don’t have to compromise with the appearance. There are many light fixtures available in local and online stores, which is a guarantee that you will find the best one for your bathroom. All you need to do is take some time to find out what is suitable for your bathroom and what isn’t.

I will end with a warning – when you are renovating your bathroom, you should search ceiling lights together with other lights in your bathroom (for example bar lights above the mirror), because this way you will be sure that they look good together. Have fun!